Nikki Seppelt

Sales Consultant

About Nikki

A country girl very much at home in the Adelaide Hills, Nikki Seppelt has a liveliness, an energetic spirit and a knack for never forgetting a face.

And in her professional domain her demeanour is the same - approachable, relatable and helpful by nature, and alongside Andrew Adcock, they become an unwavering fixture in the hotly contested Adelaide Hills property market.

As a team or standing alone, there's no doubt Nikki genuinely cares for her clients with a willingness to do the legwork in search of the best outcomes - with outstanding success.

She pays attention to those unexpected details. Her follow-up care and consistent communication is a pleasant surprise both her buyers and sellers boast about. To Nikki, all clients have equal standing and entitlement to her level-above service excellence.

Aware of the emotional stresses buying and selling real estate creates, Nikki keeps you informed and keeps the lines of communication open with sounding board availability.

Additionally, when preparation or renovations are required, she's quick to tap into a long list of trades and supplier contacts only local knowledge can offer.

Whatever the obstacle, you can trust Nikki to overcome it. From extended viewing times to key drop-offs, whether you're an interstate seller, an international buyer or live next door - seamless transitions and premium prices are assured with Nikki and her qualified team at hand.

It's all part of the forward-thinking and innovative brand of service Nikki commands and Adcock Real Estate stands for.