I have signed up and ready to sell – what happens now?

Once your property is ready, so are we…

The professional photo shoot is done, the floorplan is drafted, and your property is almost market-ready: we’ll email you a copy of the floorplan for proofing before compiling everything from copywriting to signboards and brochures in readiness for your market launch.  

At this point, we also suggest you leave a key with us for the duration of the sale, even though we confirm every open or private inspection with you first, it takes any added pressure off you to step in.

You’ll hear from us regularly after opens and inspections with verbal and written summaries on buyer feedback, statistics, and the genuine interest your home is attracting – and once the offers start coming in, we’ll up the communication further to navigate you through the next important steps.

What should I expect with open homes and private appointments?

They’ve seen it online, now potential buyers want to see it in real time – the next step is letting buyers walk through, get to know your home, and envisage themselves living here.

Whether that’s by private appointment or at a public open inspection, we believe the best way is doing this without you present.

Buyers won’t reveal their thoughts if you’re within earshot, therefore we recommend all sellers leave for the duration of these appointments – your home is in safe hands with our highly-skilled Adcock team – we appreciate every selling point of your home and we’re well-versed in selling these features to every interested purchaser.

This is also where vital sales negotiations begin.

  What should I do with my pets during open homes & inspections?

If your friendly feline is likely to hide under the nearest bed in the presence of strangers, then it’s fine to leave them at home; although, please let us know if they are not allowed inside or outside!

Dogs on the other hand, are a different story…

For safety’s sake – and that means prospective buyers, children, the elderly, and of course your beloved pooch – it’s best for all concerned that your pet is cared for off-site or goes with you during private appointments & open inspections.

4. What if someone knocks on my door?

Your property is going to attract lots of attention – and with our marketing strategies, that’s the plan – what’s not, is by-passers asking you for a personal tour. Should this occur, please know that as a professional company, we’ll never send a person to your home unaccompanied, and buyers should only view your property with one of our licensed agents.

The best way to handle this is to let them know you have an agent representing you and to give them our card; they can then contact us directly, we’ll qualify them, gauge their interest, and arrange an inspection.

Remember- never disclose the price you will accept to any potential buyers!

 Third party advice…

By now, you’ll be confident in our team’s expertise, experience, and ability to do what’s best for you to achieve the best possible outcome.

We also know you’re likely to recieve plenty of advice from well-meaning family and friends. In this instance, ask yourself: “how many properties has this person sold in my area in the last 12 months?”

If their contributions trigger any concerns, talk to us about it and we’ll be happy to clarify anything. We’ve built our processes on tried-and-tested strategies and open communication – take comfort in that, and our team will take care of the rest.

 It’s not selling… should I modify the price?

Even the most perfect home can sit unsold if potential buyers perceive its price is too high; and no matter what the market is doing, a home will only sell for what someone is prepared to pay for it.

At Adcock, our goal is to negotiate the best price possible, but if there are no offers forthcoming, then reviewing your asking price is a necessary next step.

A price adjustment creates a stir, raises buyer interest, opens your property to a wider market, and spurs quietly circling buyers into action who may otherwise have gone elsewhere. 

It’s a tactic that builds momentum and ultimately, a great sale – and it may only take a small tweak to make big waves in the marketplace.