Preparation & presentation for sale

Whether you’re new to selling, a repeat investor or are simply extra cautious when it comes to transacting real estate, our Adcock team are experts at turning our clients’ fears and concerns into confidence.

As your chosen agent – and the Adelaide Hills’ most highly regarded family-run agency – our focus is on you and your property, always.

We’ll be on hand to answer any of your questions, to shoulder the pressure, navigate the negotiations, and above all, help you achieve the absolute best sales result while making the whole process rewarding, even enjoyable!

The following outline’s all you need to know from start to finish – preparing for sale, dissecting the process, and our top tips for achieving those top-end price goals.

Our clients are our why – our team loves what we do, and we do it well, which sees satisfied buyers and sellers come back time and again. 


 In our experience, preparation and presentation will maximise the sale price of any property.

This means pointing the spotlight on your home’s best features to draw the most market attention and most importantly, making those first buyer impressions count. 

Put yourself in their shoes. Face your home from the street, walk through the front door, look around, and give it some honest feedback.

We don’t suggest investing heavily on renovations, but a few carefully budgeted improvements are worth it, and immaculate presentation always influences the result!

Our biggest recommendation – professional home staging.

As a strategic marketing tool, home staging is the ultimate compliment to your home, enticing a broader market through the door and allowing the market to really connect with your home. It also gives buyers a realistic idea of room sizes with a layer of fresh and appealing style.

We’ve seen first-hand how home staging can deliver incredible results with multiple offers and higher than expected prices.


De-clutter and clean.

Less is best. Removal of unnecessary items will make rooms appear more spacious. Consider storing excess furniture and boxing up non-essentials while you are on the market. As for cleaning, remember behind the fridge, the oven and dishwasher cavities, walls, carpets, curtains, blinds, and windows – if you’re time poor, engage a professional cleaner.


Check fly screens, windows and doors are in good order and fix any leaking taps. Inspect bathroom grout and silicon, check gutters, facia boards, and garden irrigation systems. It’s also worth pressure cleaning the driveway, sealing any decks, and inspecting the roof. And if necessary, paint!

Gardens and General Tidy-up.

It’s the first thing buyers see… from cobwebs to clutter, do a 360-degree sweep of the home, make sure fences and gates are in working order, weed and mulch garden beds, add some garden colour and prune any trees or shrubs, especially those that let natural light inside.


Arrival/Entry… Create wow factor from the get-go. Potted colour, garden furniture, and freshly mown lawn speaks volumes. Park all cars off-site and find a pet-sitter during opens .

Living areas… Warm white lighting and ventilation is everything. Double check all lamps have working globes (with spares on hand) open curtains, blinds, and windows, heat or cool the home as necessary, and embellish simply with fresh flowers, a scented candle, or a fruit bowl.

Kitchen… Keep benchtops clear of appliances and drip-drying dishes, all nick-nacks like tea towels and fridge magnets must go, as well as rubbish bins and pet bowls/litter trays.

Bedrooms… Think hotel suite chic; make beds, turn on lamps, clear bedside tables and take keepsakes and valuables with you.

Bathroom… Fresh matching towels are a must, clear the shower/vanity of products, keep glass streak-free, and remove waste and/or linen baskets.

Entertaining area… Is it inviting? Clean outdoor settings, add cushions to chairs and a pot plant to the table. If you have a pool, make sure it is sparkling clean.